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TANG Flipping pipes is a classic puzzle game, with procedurally generated levels, giving you an infinite amount of challenges to complete. In this game you need to quickly create a pipeline between the main valve and the drain pipe, before the water floods the board. To do that you move the tubes around, connecting them, and flip them to change their type. Each time you switch a tube, the camera rotates, making harder to find the next tube you need. To give you an advantage a freeze ability is available, it stops the water flow, but be careful when you use it, because after the ice melts the water flow increases rapidly.

Any problem or suggestion contact me: tang.flipping.pipes@gmail.com


  • 26-01-2016:
    • Updated to Unity 5.3.1
    • Changed Lightning


Tang-Windows.zip 14 MB

Install instructions

  1. Extract the archive
  2. Run Tang.exe
  3. Recomended: play in windowed mode

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